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To have perfectly straight, smooth hair is on many a girl’s wish list. Women want to look their best all the time. And we especially crave smooth manageable hair early in the mornings when most of our time is spent blow-drying or flat ironing it.

With numerous hair straightening products available in the market, hair straightening at home is become quite easy. But the results don’t last long enough.

To make our lives easier, Matrix came up with an innovative Ceramide infused permanent hair straightening treatment for nourished hair that is straighter, smoother, frizz-free and more manageable.

How Does Matrix Smooth Protect Service Work?

Matrix Smooth Protect service features a deeply smoothing Ceramide infused treatment that repairs damaged hair and makes it healthier. Smooth Protect Service is performed by using the Opti Smooth range from Matrix. It’s smoothing properties make hair soft, straight and smooth. It is a permanent service, so the results will last till new hair growth. Even then, all you will need are touch-ups.

The best part about Matrix Smooth Protect hair straightening is that it is 100% formaldehyde-free. Formaldehyde can cause a lot of health problems.

5 Key Benefits Of The Matrix Opti Smooth Straightening Service
  1. Hair is naturally moisturized and conditioned.
  2. Curl reduction, frizz and volume control.
  3. Straighter, smoother hair that always looks natural.
  4. 100 % safe and formaldehyde free.
  5. This results in long lasting permanent straight.

2 Tips To Maintain Your Straightened Hair After Smooth Protect Service

1)   Avoid shampooing & using hair clips, bands for minimum 72 hours – as it can create permanent bends in the hair and can also lead to breakage.

2)   Wait 14 days before applying any type of hair color on your hair.

Matrix Opti Smooth Compared To Other Hair Straightening Services

Chemical hair straightening can cause immense damage to your hair. Hair becomes fried up, rough, frizzy and unmanageable. There’s a solution to all your hair problems, and the question “How to get straight hair?” is now answered.

With the vast amount of hair straightening products available everywhere, it’s difficult to choose the one that’s perfect for you.

Many products on the market are loaded with chemicals. So Matrix makes the choice easy for you. Because there’s no woman who doesn’t want smoother, straighter hair that doesn’t look artificially made up. Matrix Opti Smooth hair straightening treatment is your answer.

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*Full Head 

SHORT - $199.00

MED - $299.00

LONG fm - $499.00 to $800.00

*Half Head

from $180.00